Introducing the Quantum Growth™ product series.

The Quantum Growth Series was designed to save water, reduce fertilizer runoff, grow healthier plants and increase yield. Each unique product may be used independently or in combination, as determined by the needs of a grower. The Quantum Growth Series was formulated to be incorporated into growers' existing cultural practices and in addition to commonly used products.


A unique proprietary consortium that features select photosynthetic microorganisms and natural growth factors that drive plant energy function. This microbial consortium maximizes plant photosynthesis and increases additional reserve energy from nutrients, carbon, and light. Quantum-Light contains no humic component. This breakthrough discovery is the core discovery in the Quantum Growth series.


A specific consortium of spore-forming cultures in combination with high quality peat humus extract for soil and crop enhancement. This product features a high spore-forming microbe count, high nutrient value and extended shelf life.


An organic soil amendment that utilizes the core technology of Quantum-Light and the high quality peat humus extract found in the Quantum-HSC. This is a first generation product that provides plant enhancement benefits that address many general concerns for a grower or golf course superintendent such as reduced water use and control of fertilizer runoff.


A wide-ranging microbial consortium, which includes the core technology of both Quantum-Light and Quantum-HSC, along with additional spore-forming microbes selected for their ability to breakdown accumulated organics, such as thatch, black layer, and detritus. Through this breakdown process, the nutrients within the material are released and available for plant growth.


A revision of the core technology to address specific plant health concerns. Those concerns include assisting plants to recover from drought, disease, and insect damage. Quantum-Revive does not contain a humic component.

Which product do I need?

Our distributors will be happy to assist you in selecting the Quantum Growth product that will best fit your specific needs.



Series Features

  • Water Retention and Production
  • Increased Plant Health (Increased Brix)
  • Increased Root and Plant Development
  • Increased Yield
  • Fertilizer Runoff Control
  • Faster Seed Germination
  • Drought Resistance
  • Nutrient Storage



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