Customer Photos

If you're still unsure about the results of Quantum Growth™, take a look at the examples of real results from commercial applications provided to us by our customers. In each of the following photos, the plants which recieved Quantum Growth are on the left:

  • Alfalfa in Southern California

  • Wheat in Manitoba, Canada

  • Long Leaf Pines in Northeast Alabama

  • Potatoes in Central Florida

  • Peanuts in Southern Georgia

  • Turf in Southwestern Florida

  • Squash in Central Georgia

  • Edible Flowers in Central California

  • Turf in Southwestern Florida

  • Slash Pine in Northeast Florida



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Series Features

  • Water Retention and Production
  • Increased Plant Health (Increased Brix)
  • Increased Root and Plant Development
  • Increased Yield
  • Fertilizer Runoff Control
  • Faster Seed Germination
  • Drought Resistance
  • Nutrient Storage


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