How It Works

Maximizing the Energy of Nature

The Quantum Growth Series of products consists of different combinations of naturally occurring microorganisms that share key traits for plant enhancement. The organisms inhabit the root zone and vascular system of a plant, helping to breakdown, hold, and transport nutrients and water. Photosynthetic strains in the products are capable of converting radiant energy, including the sun's, into energy for plant growth. Other organisms have the extraordinary ability to unlock chemical bonds, facilitating nutrient uptake that would not be available to the plant in the organism's absence. This consortium of organisms combines with the natural soil constituents to provide the following benefits:


- Improved Nutrient Uptake

- Improved Plant Photosynthesis

- Improved Root and Shoot Growth

- Fortifying Plant Natural Defense Systems

- Improved Water Retention and Production


A Return to Nature

While many in the agricultural industry, with the exception of organic farmers, readily accept the use of chemicals as a component of their cultural practices, the use of microbial products is less widely accepted and understood. Although the use of microorganisms as a way of enhancing plant development and productivity may be considered unusual or unnatural, it is actually one of the most natural approaches to realizing these benefits. Our naturally occurring microbes work symbiotically with plants to enhance nutrient uptake, a key to plant health which provides plants additional energy for growth, defense and reproduction. Another advantage of microbial products is that applying too much has no adverse effects on the plant, soil, crop or environment as can happen with many chemicals.

The Quantum Growth Facts

The Quantum Growth Series contains a unique, proprietary blend of naturally occurring vegetative and spore-forming microorganisms that is shelf-stable for three years and does not use growth inhibitors. When you use Quantum Growth products, you are restoring or dramatically increasing the populations of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms in the soil. The Quantum Growth Series is made of microorganisms or microorganisms combined with high quality peat humus extract. These products do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or traditional chemical fertilizers (NPK). The Quantum Growth Series is not compost tea, soil soup or manure tea. The series is the product of a complex, multi-stage fermentation process that takes place in the same container that reaches the grower. No dilution takes place during the production of the products.

Tour Ecological Labs

Pressurized Production Room A

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. products and technologies are backed and supported by a modern well equipped highly sophisticated R&D laboratory.   It is equipped with the latest evaluation methodologies, and staffed by PhD and Masters Level Microbiologists, Chemists, and highly qualified laboratory assistance.


Laboratory equipment includes:

•  Ultra-modern Genetic Sequencing and Analysis

•  DNA Amplification

•  Real Time PCR

•  Anaerobic Chamber

•  Nucleic Acid Quantification

•  Two ELI Culture Banks

•  Essential fermenters


Supporting lab equipment such as  microscopes, chemical determination units, and necessary laboratory protective hoods. Operating in a protected laboratory environment with positive air pressure, and HEPA filter recirculated air, offering a protected environment for work and R&D projects and evaluations.

Quality Assurance Laboratory

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has established stringent quality assurance procedures for raw materials and formulation constituents, these undergo strict control processes.


Our Quality Assurance Laboratory reviews and conducts analyses of all incoming and production raw materials, essential ingredients, and formulation constituents; these materials are placed in quarantine upon entry to Ecological Laboratories facility and held until released by our QA department.


QA inspects and approves all materials released to production and retains samples of each raw material for a period of 5 years.


All formulated products during production undergo strict QA procedures throughout the production process, from initial formulation, through product completion.


Final product batch samples collected with date and lot number are held as retained samples for 5 years.

Finished Goods Warehouse

Our Florida campus occupies two acres and is made up of over 75,000 square feet of enclosed production, research & development, laboratory and warehouse facilities.  This building is one of several Finished Goods warehouses on our campus and  is 20,000 square feet of finished goods which will eventually be placed in one of our many retail, industrial and agricultural markets.

Grow Room

The final formulations blending and packaging stage of the technologies’ novel, unique and proprietary Multi-Stage Fermentation Processes.


This is the final step prior to the technologies completing the photosynthesis light growth; this is carried out in a clean sanitized room with positive pressure HEPA filtration for an ultra-clean controlled environment where the finished culture consortium can be further formulated, prepared and packaged prior to photosynthetic finishing in a light growth process.