Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Quantum Growth® Series of products?

The Quantum Growth Series of products replace the natural soil microorganisms that are depleted through fumigation, tilling, harvesting, and/or overuse of chemical controls. If your business is maximizing plant yield or turf performance and you do so by augmenting crops or turf with fertilizer and micronutrients, it only makes sense that you increase the microorganisms that process the nutrients for the plant. When you use our products, you are restoring or dramatically increasing the populations of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms in the soil, resulting in optimal crop yield or turf performance.

How is the Quantum Growth Series different from other biological products?

The Quantum Growth Series of products are the only biological products that are shelf-stable, contain photosynthetic and other vegetative cultures, and do not use growth inhibitors. There is no other product that meets these criteria.

What Quality assurances can you provide?

The Quantum Growth Series of products are manufactured in our laboratory located in Cape Coral, FL. Each container of a Quantum Growth product goes through a multi-stage fermentation process in its own container, and is not diluted during fermentation. The Quantum Growth Series is not a compost tea, manure tea, soil soup, or any other product of an uncontrolled process. The Quantum Growth Series is biotechnology and biophysics in a bottle.

Do your products contain genetically modified organisms?

No. The Quantum Growth Series is composed of microorganisms or microorganisms combined with high quality peat humus extract, depending on the specific product. Quantum Growth contains no genetically modified organisms.

Are the Quantum Growth products shelf-stable?

Yes, they are. Long-term shelf stability of the Quantum Growth photosynthetic cultures is a significant advancement in microbiology, an achievement that we're most proud of. In addition, the microorganism base features significantly elevated levels of activity shortly after application, boosting its already potent effect.