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Quantum Growth® Increases Coffee Plant Height By Over 50% While Using Less Fertilizer


Fraijanes, Guatemala


Demonstrate the beneficial effects of Quantum-Light on small coffee plants over a 10 month trial.

Results Achieved:

Use of Quantum-Light® had a significant impact on the coffee plants. The plants showed an increase of 54% in plant height, 39% in stem diameter, 200% in the amount of crosses, and 57% in leaf amount.

The Experiment

The trial had 3 different groups of plants, with 400 plants per group. Groups 1 and 2 were given different amounts of Quantum-Light and fertilizer. Group 3 was given only fertilizer. The Quantum-Light was applied using a backpack sprayer. At the end of the trial, measurements were taken to determine growth of each treatment.


Plant Growth Comparison

Below, in the plant growth comparison, increased amounts of Quantum-Light and decreased amounts of traditional fertilizer yielded noticeably larger plants.

100% Fertilizer Control

50% Fertilizer & 0.25 mL QL

50% Fertilizer & 0.50 mL QL

Root Growth Comparison

In the root growth comparison notice the increased root density with the introduction of Quantum-Light.

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Quantum Growth Produces Record Fast Growth for Omena Organics’ New Cherry Orchard in Arizona


Omena Organics Farm, Sulfur Springs Valley, Arizona


Bob Weaver grows cherries in Leelanau County, Michigan, the cherry capital of the world. He wanted to expand his operation in Sulphur Springs Valley in southern Arizona, planting 141 trees per acre on 40 acres.


To grow quality tart cherries in a different climate using established growing techniques, but maintain natural conditions as much as possible. The growing protocol consisted of Quantum Growth and water. In the first seven weeks after planting, the trees received a total of 1.25 gallons of Quantum Growth per acre. The trees were watered at a rate of 3 gallons per tree per day.

Results Achieved:

The trees showed 18” of new growth in just seven weeks. Use of Quantum Growth allowed the plants to pull nitrogen from the atmosphere, eliminating the need for, and potential damage from, fertilizer. It stimulated rapid growth and improved soil water retention. Bob Weaver declared, “In Northern Michigan I would only hope for 18” of growth over a season, not just in seven short weeks. In my wildest dreams I would not have expected this aggressive tree growth.”

Twig tree shows a bud within a week of planting.

A pen along side a branch of almost the same size, and substantial leaf growth several weeks later.

The tape measures 18” new growth at seven weeks.

Down the row at seven weeks!

P, Ca and Mg deficient soil had leaves in the normal range for those nutrients. The only inputs for this farmer were water and Quantum Growth.

Between April and June the orchard received two gallons per acre of various Quantum products. This moisture ring is what is left after a brief shower. It looks like irrigation has been run when in fact it had not been run for twelve days prior to this photo.

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Quantum Growth® Increases Pineapple Crop Profit by 45%


Zanguenga, Chorrera, Panama


Demonstrate the beneficial effects of Quantum-Light on a pineapple crop

Results Achieved:

Use of Quantum-Light® had a significant impact on the pineapple plants. The plants showed a uniformity rate increase of 15%, a reduction of the amount of fertilizer used, and an increase of crop profitability of 45%

The Experiment

One hectare of pineapple plants were treated with Quantum-Light. There were 70,000 plants/Ha. The Quantum- Light was applied at a rate of 1 gal/Ha in 2,500 L of water. The first application was at transplant. The second application was 22 days after transplant. The final application was at flowering.

First Application Sample

Note the increased root size and density of the treated pineapple.



Second Application Sample

The treated pineapple continues to have a superior root mass.



Pineapple Flowering Comparison

Below is a comparison of the uniformity of the control and treated pineapple crops at the flowering stage. Note how uniform the pineapples of the treated crop are compared to the control crop.

Control Pineapple Crop with 85% Uniformity

Treated Pineapple Crop with 95% Uniformity

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Quantum Growth® Increased Bacterial Diversity in Orange Grove, Significant Harvest Yield Increase


Sebring, FL


A trial was conducted to see the benefits of Quantum Growth on citrus trees. Quantum Growth was applied as a root drench at 1 gallon per acre every three months in a 20 acre Valencia grove. The block contained a mix of mature and 3-4 year old trees. It was the only biological input throughout the trial. Soil and tissue samples were collected pre-treatment (July 2011) and after one year of treatment (July 2012).

Results Achieved:

Analysis of the lower soil life forms found increases in a majority of the populations, some significant (Fig 1). Additionally, analysis of the bacterial populations showed an increase in the number of species present (Fig 2). This increase in the diversity of the bacterial community directly correlates to an increase in the functionality of that community (i.e. nutrient transfer, nitrogen fixation, mineral solubilization, etc.) A healthy and diverse microbial soil community provides ideal conditions for optimizing plant performance. Futhermore, there was an 82% increase in yield of the treated grove compared to its yield prior to treatment.

Trials in Dundee, FL and Lake Wales, FL were also conducted. The photos below show before and after 3 months of treatment with Quantum Growth. Application rate was 1 gallon of Quantum Growth products per acre per month.

Dundee, Fl Dundee, Fl Lakes Wales, Fl
3.12.13 3.12.13 3.12.13
7.15.13 7.15.13 7.15.13

Nutrient Transfer

Nutritional analysis was conducted on the above trial prior to treatment and after three monthly applications of 1 gallon of Quantum products per acre. No nutritional inputs were made during the three month period.

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